Be Craftful is Mobile!!!!   As of July 28th, Be Craftful closed our storefront in Fanwood to expand our enrichment classes, event management and planning, private events and unique retail and personalization!  Don’t be alarmed, we still offer the same high quality and customizable gifts with delivery, party favors and parties.  Stay tuned for more information!

Be Craftful is a unique toy & gift store featuring a walk-in craft “pit” for indoor creative fun!    In addition to crafting, you’ll always find a welcoming staff to assist at our children’s art class, workshops, playdates, birthday parties, ladies night, BYOB paint nights, children’s painting parties, scout event, personalized items, party favors and party decor .. it’s always a party at Be Craftful! Open crafting times (by reservation only) are posted on our website and otherwise please contact the store to make a reservation!

The only mess you have to worry about cleaning, is your clothes (so please dress appropriately)!


ice cream kids paint


boat paint party


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